About Policing Partnerships


Policing Partnerships (“PP”)  provides creative and innovative training solutions to law enforcement  agencies, communities, and police professionals across the Globe.  PP’s  training courses utilize a holistic approach that leverages government,  police, community, faith-based organizations, social service providers,  and educators who are committed to connecting common goals. 


"When  your goal is service, you learn to make other people's purpose your  purpose-- by practicing effective policing through leadership and consensus building.  This approach is Policing Effectively"

Prior Ferguson Interim 

Police Chief   Andre C. Anderson


Our Team

Our Team- Includes uniquely  qualified experts who are city, state, and national leaders, policing  professionals, trainers, speakers, and community members. We have the  most dynamic presenters who are passionate about professional outcomes  and results.  


Our Approach

Our Approach- Effectively  tailors research-based solutions to meet the national and global  challenges we face! We know that in order to transition from “Community  Policing” to “Effective Policing,” a proven and holistic approach is  needed! We recognize emerging trends and employ bold, non-traditional  responses that are designed to enhance community policing with a  strategic, yet authentic and inclusive response—all aimed at meeting the  community’s needs.